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  • These 80 percent lower receivers for sale are machined to mil-spec (military standard) tolerances.
  • These 80 percent lower receivers are bead blasted and anodized black for a clean finish.
  • The magwells on these 80 percent lowers are fully broached for the perfect fit every time.
  • They require additional machining for completion.

Do you need more than one 80 percent lower receiver for your AR-15 build project? This pack of 80 percent lower receivers for sale includes five bead blasted and anodized black lowers. This is a great option for amauture builders who may not correctly finish they’re first 80 percent lower and need to try again. Additional machining will be required for each of these 80 percent lowers for sale for the fire control groups, trigger and hammer pins, trigger slots, and safety selector holes. Keep shopping our online selection of AR-15 parts and other rifle parts.

  • Includes five standard black lowers
  • Machined to mil-spec tolerances
  • Forged from 7075-T6 aluminum

* The 80% lower receivers come from two different forging companies. That being said, the forging    mark will vary. Cerro (Keyhole) or Brass Aluminum (Usually square because of the placement on      the lower before getting it to the 80% mark is in a spot where that gets machined).



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