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Flash Can Aluminum Black (Choose from dropdown menu)

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Flash Can Aluminum Black


6061 Aluminum Construction

Black Military Type Hard Anodizing

Directs Gas Forward

The KAK Flash Can Flash Hider is designed to direct muzzle gases and the muzzle flash forward.

Threaded   – Choose from the drop-down menu.

                          .223/5.56  – 1/2 x 28

                          .300 Blackout – 5/8″x 24 

                           9mm – 5/8″x 24  

Black Military Type Hard Anodizing.

This device is not designed to reduce recoil, muzzle rise, or flash signature.

This device is designed to direct gasses and noise forward away from the shooter and enhance the appearance of the weapon. 

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Size / Type

9mm – 1/2″ x 36, .300 Blackout – 5/8″x 24, .223/5.56  – 1/2 x 28


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